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  • It is a super premium dry kitten with chicken, which is 12 months old, fully and balanced formulated for all races.Contents:Processed Chicken Pro.tein, Corn, Chicken Fat, Rice, Sugar Beet, Liver Flavor, Vitam.ins and Min.erals, Lins.eed Seed, Xylo-Oligo.saccharide, Yeast, Salt, Yu.cca Schi.digera, Protec.tors – Antioxi.dants.Mine.rals: Cal.cium, Phos.phorus, Sod.ium, Io.dine,, Cop.per, Iro.n, Sele.nium.Vita.min A, D, E, C, B1 – B2 – B3 (Ni.acin) – B6 – B12 – B7 (Bio.tin) – B9 (Fo.lic Aci.d), K, Ch.oline, Calc.ium Pantot.henate.